Free online course on cognitive biases in radicalization The course comprises a 12-hour program that you can follow at your own pace. Through a varied mix of videos, reading materials and quizzes, you will learn about the role of automatic thinking in radicalization processes and how extremist online content can trigger cognitive biases. The course provides key insights into radicalization and makes the link with human information processing, in order to unravel the mental processes that take place when people are confronted with extremist propaganda on social media.

This MOOC is a valuable resource for scholars, students, or anyone with an interest in topics like media literacy, psychology or counter-terrorism. It's a great opportunity to further explore these themes and learn more extensively about radicalization from a cognitive perspective. Once you've completed the course and taken the final test, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement issued by Ghent University and Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

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